Historical Facts About Goa


Asia’s Only Naval Aviation Museum is at Goa

There is the only Naval Aviation Museum in Asia that is situated in Goa. The military museum that is situated in Bogmalo has thirteen decommissioned aircrafts. It was initiated way back on October 12th, 1998 and showcases the development over the decades of the Naval Air Arm. When the museum was first unveiled there were only six and now there are thirteen aircraft. It comprises of two parts which includes a double stored indoor gallery and outdoor exhibit. It was situated at six kilometers from Vasco.

Largest Floating Casino in Asia is here

The Big Daddy Casino spreads across 72 meters in length and 24 meters in width with three decks over the Panamanian vessel that is run by Golden Globe Hotels Pvt. Ltd. You have to approach the unique floating casino on River Mandovi by a ferry ride from Panjim port. It boasts of over 100 tables spread over 50,000 sq. ft. over the three decks and a specific area dedicated for private gambling including booking availability for private suite booking. It promises blend of gaming and casino with stakes getting higher as you go upper. You can also play against other gamers.

Richest Indian State for per capita

Geographical area is smaller in size than most big states in India. However, the crowd puller of tourists and visitors from around the world still is one of the top richest states in the country. So, it has a very high per capita but is comparably lesser than Maharashtra due to the larger population, area, and size. However, it still is one of the most popular tourist destinations in India and a lot of revenue comes from it in addition to several various types of industry in the state.

Home to Largest Church in Asia

The Se Cathedral situated in Old Goa was finally completed in 1619 on the remains of earlier structure over several decades constructed mainly with Portuguese – Manueline architectural style. It was originally built as a victory when the Portuguese took over Goa in fifteenth century. On the day, it was the feast of St. Catherine, hence cathedral was given her name and the main alter is dedicated to Catherine of Alexandria with ancient pictures on both sides. The Church also has Golden Bell famed for its rich tone and is said to be the largest in Goa. It also has six panels with carvings of scenes of St. Catherine’s life.

Goa celebrates two independence days!

The Portuguese ruled in the region for over 400 years. The Government of Portuguese India signed an official document to surrender the rule on December 19th, 1961. The people of Goa celebrate this day to commemorate the Indian armed forces freeing the state from the Portugal rule. So, this is observed by them as the Goa Liberation Day every year.

First Host to International Film Festival of India

Since the year 2004 The International Film Festival has shifted to the permanent venue to host the festival which is in Goa. It is held at towards the end two months of the year but not particular dates every year. This has also gained global popularity and fame over the past years with the first edition in the year 1952. The objective of the film festival significant in Asia is to offer a common platform to international cinema for film art and excellence and appreciating film culture in their context of cultural as well as social ethos. Now Goa is organized jointly by the State Government of Goa and Directorate of Film Festivals under the Ministry of Information and Broadcastings. 

First Medical School of India

Goa Medical College was not only the first in India but also one of the first medical colleges in Asia. It was established in the year 1842 by the Portuguese in Goa’s capital city Panjim. However presently the medical college is in Bambolim at four km distance from here. The medium of medicine education was originally in Portuguese and is now in English. The Goa Medical College now is into various fields of education including Information Technology, fashion, management, bio-technology and engineering. Now the state run hospital attached to the medical college also houses several hospitals and clinics.